Patrick Blackburn is an award winning sonic and visual alchemist for the 21st Century, a visionary whose body of work reads as a manuscript of innovation. He has worked with one of the first production Moog synthesizers manufactured, was one of the originators of hologram technology in art and was the first artist to create light-responsive paintings (by developing a method of suspending light-responsive pigments in acrylic latex), thus introducing the world to the concept of light installations. To these groundbreaking pieces, he added his music, creating some of the first works of combined light and sound art.

For years, he has been deeply involved in the design and production of audio/visual gallery installations and has released a series of installation soundtracks, most in extremely limited editions. These soundtracks or "aural postcards" have become highly sought after in the collectors’ market.

His art is marked by generative processes of his own design, often involving the re-contextualization of everyday tools. For one sound installation, an Apple iPod was re-configured to play a key role that hypothetically will not repeat itself for thousands of years.

In his most recent work, he has developed free-standing, touch-controlled modular systems to create his unique sonic territories. He has also simultaneously written a code for Adobe Photoshop that creates new abstracts of unusual, quiet beauty.


In addition, he is an Independent Designer, Developer and Strategist who is an expert at UXD, Design Thinking and Information Architecture, His work spans Graphics, Branding, Marketing, Web Design and Development, Mobile Apps, Photography, Film, Video & Music to Installations and Retail concepts.


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